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Reimagining Japan : the quest for a future that works 


edited by Mckinsey & Company ; executive editors, Clay Chandler, Heang Chhor, and Brian Salsberg 


San Francisco : VIZ Media, LLC, 2011


xi, 452 p. ; ill. (some col.) ; 24 cm

Variant Titles

背表紙タイトル:Reimagining Japan

Contents of Works

Why Japan must be reimagined / Dominic Barton
March 11--Japan's zero hour / Yoichi Funabashi
Summoning the next generation of leaders / Henry Tricks
Reflating Japan / Peter Tasker
The power of gaman / T. R. Reid
Keeping the lights on / Charles K. Ebinger, Kevin Massy, and Govinda Avasarala
Japan's next transfromation / Ian Buruma
Toward a lasting recovery / Yasuchika Hasegawa
How to drive change / Carlos Ghosn
Beyond nuts and bolts / Masayoshi Son
Dare to err / Tadashi Yanai
The myth of change-resistant Japan / John W. Dower
What happened to number one? / Ezra F. Vogel
What went wrong--and how Japan can get it right / David E. Sanger
Demography and Japan's future / Nicholas Eberstadt
Fade to gray / Brad Glosserman
Asia's sleeping giant / Stephen S. Roach
Send in the samurai / Adam S. Posen
Learning from the "lost decades" / Mohamed A. El-Erian
Poised for prosperity / Jesper Koll
Is Japan past its competitive prime? / Klaus Schwab
"Creative destruction" in Japanese politics / Gerald L. Curtis
What would Drucker do? / Natsumi Iwasaki
Smaller could be beautiful / Mark Clifford
Reforming Japan, Nordic style / Richard Katz
Japan's globalization imperative / Gordon Orr, Brian Salsberg, and Naoyuki Iwatani
How Shiseido went global / Shinzo Maeda
Unlocking Sakoku / Glen S. Fukushima
No place to belong / Yuji Genda
The young and the hopeless / Masahiro Yamada
Is Japan a vampire finch? / Devin Stewart
The Nomo effect / Robert Whiting
Management lessons from the dugout / Bobby Valentine
Sumo wrestles with globalization / Hannah Beech
Bend it like Nakata / Takeshi Okada
A tale of two futures / Bill Emmott
Is Japan a fading strategic asset for the U.S.? / Michael J. Green
Coping with China / Kenneth Liberthal
Forging a partnership with China / Hitoshi Tanaka
How Japan can profit from a rising China / Victor K. Fung
The diplomacy deficit / Paul Blustein
The road ahead for Japan's car industry / Paul J. Ingrassia
Finding the perfect blend / Howard Schultz
From the Midwest to the Far East / Bob McDonald
Advice from Japan's most popular CEO / Kenshi Hirokane
The sky's the limit / Gerard J. Arpey
See the big picture, mind the details / Masahiro Sakane
Japan, the Asian pioneer / Peter Löscher
Remedies for Japanese health care / Ludwig Kanzler and Akira Sugahara
A low-cost drug prescription / Shlomo Yanai
Escape from Galapagos / Waichi Sekiguchi
The t-shirt and the kimono / Senapathy Gopalakrishnan
Rebooting Japan's high-tech sector / Ingo Beyer Von Morgenstern, Peter Kenevan, and Ulrich Naeher
What Japan can learn from Silicon Valley / Tomoko Namba
Staying in the game / Keiji Inafune
The next challenger for Japan's enterpreneurs / Allen Miner
Expanding Japan's social capital / William H. Saito
Building strength through uniqueness / John Chambers and Edzard J. C. Overbeek
Can Japan keep its clean-tech advantage? / David Henderson, Philipp Radtke, and Sakae Suzuki
Toward a new Meiji / Takumi Shibata
Unleashing the power of youth / Motoya Okada
Japan's next balancing act / Yoshie Komuro
Putting families first / Kaori Sasaki
Mayor with a mission / Fumiko Hayashi
Japan is not "lost" / Steve Van Andel
A matter of principals / Kazuhiro Fujihara
A child left behind / Kumiko Makihara
In search of primary greatness / Stephen R. Covey
Culture of connoisseurship / Bernard Arnault
The post-luxury economy / Tyler Brûlé
Japan's culinary revolution / Gwen Robinson
People of Japan, disorganize! / Masaru Tamamoto
Reviving a noble breed / Martha Sherrill
The more things change / Pico Iyer
Japan after people / Alex Kerr
Cool is not enough / Christopher Graves
Cultivating the vertical garden / Minoru Mori
Go back to go forward / Edward Suzuki
A 20-year road map for the future / Heang Chhor


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DC22 : 330.952

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: hardback9781421540863

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McKinsey and Company DA0018480X
Chandler, Clay DA12915527
Chhor, Heang
Salsberg, Brian 


[geographic name] : Japan -- Economic conditions -- 1989-
[geographic name] : Japan -- Economic policy -- 1989-
[geographic name] : Japan -- Social conditions -- 1989-
[topical term] : Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, Japan, 2011
[topical term] : Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, Japan, 2011/K